Two weeks ago I teamed up with Lindsey Daniels with Through The Linz Photography to shoot an absolutely gorgeous surprise proposal! She told me all the details and I knew I had to shoot it with her! 

Lindsey got a new camera and told Kristian that I was coming along to "help" her use it! She totally fell for it! We walked around Old Waynesborough Park, taking adorable photos of Kristian and Dylan while their family was setting up the adorable chapel the proposal was about to take place in!! 

Lindsey and I planned that I would pretend to go check out the lighting in the chapel so we could shoot in there and I would text her when I got in there! Lindsey, Dylan and Kristian walked over to the chapel. The look on Kristian's face when she walked in the chapel, saw the rose petals on the floor, photos in frames and flowers in vases was picture perfect! 

Dylan put together a video of their families giving them best wishes for their future... tears fell, smiles were shown and then he proposed! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Kristian was definitely in shock! But she was also over the moon! I'm so happy for them and the fact that I was there to capture these photos! Congratulations again!!!